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Cepheid Realtime PCR Machine Smart Cycler II Soak Time Upto 60 Minute

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Product Details:

Manufacturer: Cepheid
Made in: USA
Condition: used
Purpose: Sale
Model number: Smart Cycler II
Location: Lahore
Document: 9o5fU0FMysGIBeX2.pdf


Cepheid Realtime PCR Machine Smart Cycler II 

Manufactures Specification 

  • Run multiple protocols simultaneously and compare results on a single graph
  • Melt curve analysis of reactions using intercalating dyes and hybridization probes
  • Monitor and compare two runs simultaneously
  • Easily set up or import standard curves to quantify unknown samples
  • Soak Time Programmable in minutes and seconds, up to 60 minutes
  • Adjustable ramp rates for easy optimization
  • Save graphs and screens as JPEG files
  • Automatic export of data to Excel
  • Customize graphs to display up to 4 channels on a single graph
  • Multiple users can start different runs back to back
  • View and print data while runs are in progress
  • Run hybridization probe and intercalating dye chemistries at the same time

The Cepheid SmartCycler II is a modular Real Time PCR system. The optical system of the unit is centered around the I-CORE, a solid state module which does not require warm up, maintenance, or normalization dye. This random access instrument features 16 reaction sites, each of which can be run with a different protocol. The system can also be upgraded with as many as six blocks (16 sites each), providing 96 wells for optimal productivity. Reaction sites are optically and thermally calibrated to ensure accuracy and reproducible and results are produced in an average time of 20 to 40 minutes, making this system both precise as well as efficient. For added flexibility, the SmartCycler II allows for multiuser operation without having to batch reaction samples, and previous runs can be analyzed while the system is still being used.

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