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Privacy Policy


  • MachineSells is fully committed to protect the privacy of anyone who enters the website. We urge you to continue reading this policy so that you can find how we plan to treat the personal information of people who visit the website.
  • MachineSells will ask the consent of its users to its use of cookies according to this policy’s terms. By entering the Machinesells.com website and agreeing to the privacy policy mentioned in it, you will essentially agree to MachineSells’ use of cookies according to this policy’s terms.

Collection of Personal Information

MachineSells may use, store and collect personal information of the following kind

  • Information regarding your visits to the website which includes website navigation paths, page views, length of visits, referral source, operating system, browser version and type, geographical location and IP address.
  • Information provided voluntarily by you when you visit the Machinesells.com website, which includes your email address and name among other details
  • Details that you provide for completing your profile on the MachineSells website. This includes your contact number, company logo, address, interests etc.
  • Information provided by you when you use the services available on the MachineSells website, which includes patterns of service use, frequency and timing.
  • Information posted for publication on our website.

Usage of Personal Information

The personal information of the users that enter the MachineSells website may be used for purposes relevant to the website’s pages.

MachineSells can use your personal information for:

  • Personalizing the website for your ease
  • Administering their business or website
  • Enabling services that are present on their website
  • Sending you services that you bought from the MachineSells website
  • For sending notifications through email
  • Sending payment reminders, invoices and statements.
  • Providing statistical information to third parties about the users. Keep in mind that third parties will be unable to identify the users individually with the information that is given to them.
  • Preventing frauds and keeping the website secure.
  • Dealing with complaints and enquiries related to the website
  • Sending nonmarketing commercials
  • Sending newsletters to those who have especially requested it

Personal Information Disclosure

  • MachineSells may disclose the personal information of the websites visitors to its subcontractors, suppliers, agents, professional advisers, insurers, officers or employees if it deems it to be reasonably necessary.
  • MachineSellls may disclose your personal information in order to defend its legal rights
  • Your personal information may also be disclosed if there are any legal proceedings in progress
  • We may disclose your personal information if the law requires us to do so

Third Party Tools and Analytics

Our website might make statistical analysis of your surfing behavior on our website. This analysis is possible with the use of analytics and cookies. You can not be identified by us through your data as the analysis maintains anonymity in everything.

Data Protection

The operators of this website pay serious attention to your data and take it extremely seriously. Various parts of your personal data might be gathered if you access the MachineSells website. Any data that can personally identify as you is known as personal data. It is crucial that you note that any data that transmits through the internet can be subject to breach in security. Therefore, there can be instances where third parties can access your data.

TLS or SSL Encryption

MachineSells uses TLS or SSL encryption for the purposes of security. This is useful for protecting important information. You can identify whether the website is encrypted of not by looking at the address line of your browser, which will be https://. Any address line that has http:// is not secure.

Blocking or Deleting Information

According to the law, you will be well within your rights to attain information regarding personal data, its origin, the reason why it is processed and the purpose behind its origin. You have full rights of getting this data deleted, blocked or corrected. You are welcome to get in touch with us at any time if you have any other queries related to your personal data.


Some of the web pages at MachineSells.com may use cookies. Cookies do not have any kind of viruses and are not capable of causing harm to your devices. The presence of cookies is the main reason why the MachineSells website is secure, efficient and user friendly. Cookies are basically text files present in your computer. These files are extremely small in size. Usually the cookies that most of us mainly use on website are known as session cookies. Session cookies delete all by themselves once you exit a website. Any cookies other than session cookies have to be deleted manually as they tend to stay on devices unlike session cookies.

Contact Form

We collect all of the contact details that you provide on the contact form whenever you ask us about queries that you might have. However, keep in mind that MachineSells does not give out any information without consent. The data you provide to MachineSells on the contact form will be retained by us until you specifically request its deletion.

Social Media

LinkedIn Plugin

There are certain features in the LinkedIn network that our site uses extensively. You will establish a direct connection with LinkedIn every time you access any of the LinkedIn feature present on the MachineSells website. MachineSells would also like to point out that it has no idea on how LinkedIn uses the data that you provide.

Google+ Plugin

The MachineSells website uses certain features of Google+. You can press the Google+ button in order to receive a variety of content from our Google+. By using Google+ you will be able to improve and record your Google services for others as well as yourself. Once you access the Google+ features on our website you will be following their terms and conditions and privacy policy and not ours.

Facebook Plugin

MachineSells also includes the plugins for Facebook. You establish a direct connection with Facebook once you click its plugins present on our website. MachineSells does not have any knowledge about the data or content belonging to you that is transmitted on Facebook. Additionally, we are also unaware on how Facebook uses the content it receives from the visitors who access it through the plugins present on the MachineSells website 

Twitter Plugin

The MachineSells website has some twitter functions integrated in it. By choosing the retweet option available on the website you will form a direct connection with twitter and will need to follow Twitter’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. You will also essentially be transferring your data to twitter once you use any of its features on the MachneSells platform. MachineSells is not aware of how Twitter uses the content or data that it receives from people who access it.

Effective Date and Updates

MachineSells reserves all rights to make changes to its privacy policy whenever it deems it to be necessary. The changes in the terms and conditions and privacy policy will become public immediately once they are updated. It is the responsibility of the visitors to check the terms and privacy policy from time to time to ensure that they are not in breach of anything.

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