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Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy governing your use of the Machinesells.com Website.

By using Machinesells.com, all users agree to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy (as stated below)

Every term not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the definition/meaning given to them in the Terms and Conditions of Machinesells.com website, which Terms and Conditions you have agreed to accept by using Machinesells.com website.

Machinesells.com provides a service which is referred to as digital marketplace which provides a business to business trading platform service for industrial machinery through its website. Through its website, Machinesells connects sellers and purchasers of industrial machinery. In order to provide its mandated service, Machinesells.com is required to gather, use and distribute information provided by its Users, which is provided to us by Users by filling out the registration forms etc. For example; your company name, contact information, company profile and any information in relation to the products you sell and/or buy. Machinesells.com being an e-commerce website cannot guarantee that such information will not be made available to a particular party, or on third party websites. If you wish to remove your company or update your company's information, please Contact Us.

1. The following is the Information that Machinesells.com collects:

  • 1.1. Registration Information
  • This information shall be provided by you at the time of registering as a Member of Machinesells.com (Paid or Free).
  • In order to register as a Member of Machinesells.com, Paid or Free, you will be asked to fill out a Registration Form whereby you are required to provide the following information/details:
  • i. Full Name;
  • ii. Company Name;
  • iii. Address of Company’s place of business;
  • iv. Phone/Fax Number;
  • v. Email Address;
  • vi. Any other relevant Business Information.
  • 1.2. Payment Information
  • In order to register as a Member of Machinesells.com, Paid or Free, all Users hereby agree that in addition to the above “Personal Information,” Machinesells.com shall also collect certain billing information. This is as follows:
  • i. Full Name;
  • ii. Contact Number;
  • iii. Email ID;
  • iv. Billing Address;
  • v. Credit Card Number and expiration dates.
  • All Users are hereby notified that although Machinesells.com collected the aforesaid billing information yet Machinesells.com is not privy to any transaction between a User and a 3rd party vendor. Therefore, Machinesells.com shall not be liable to any User for any loss and/or damage as a result of a transaction entered into between a User and 3rd party vendor in respect of a product listed on Machinesells.com.
  • 1.3. Publishing Information
  • In the event that you wish to submit any information to be published on Machinesells.com website tools,machines, including but not limited to Company Directory, Product Catalogue, Trade Leads then by having accepted this Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Machinesells.com, you shall have accepted to the publication of such information.
  • 1.4. Statistical Information
  • Machinesells.com also collects certain statistical and other information about the Users of our Website such as pages viewed, number of sessions, frequently asked questions, business information, machine information etc.
  • All the above information shall hereinafter be referred to as “Collected Information.”
  • 2. The following is how Machinesells.com uses the aforesaid Information that it collects:

  • 2.1. Machinesells.com uses the Collected Information to promote all Users’ businesses through our digital marketplace platform i.e. Machinesells.com.
  • 2.1. In the event that you do not provide us with the above Collected Information, Machinesells.com shall not be able to work to promote your Company or Business portfolio.
  • 2.2. If you are a seller then the information collected from you are used to send your sell-offers and company profile links to prospective buyers so that they contact you for negotiating a business deal; similarly if you are a buyer, your collected information shall be used to find sellers of the products you are looking for providing you quotations and sell-offers from concerned suppliers. We therefore ask and encourage our members (both sellers/buyers) to share their ‘collected information’ with their consent for their own personal and business interests; because we are also providing our business promotion services to our free-members too without charging them any single penny.
  • 2.3. The Statistical Information you provide to us is used by us to study each Users site usage so as to improve the content uploaded on and available on Machinesells.com. Further, it allows us to manage our website layout to specifically for each User by allowing Machinesells.com to advertise products/content listed on its website specific to each User’s usage of Machinesells.com.
  • 2.4. In respect of Statistical Information, all Users / Members hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that Machinesells.com uses such Statistical Information to develop its own reports to monitor, and update the service it provides to its Users/Members through its website i.e. Machinesells.com.
  • 2.5. In respect of Statistical Information, all Users / Members hereby reassured of the fact that Machinesells.com does not provide such information to third-parties without the express consent of each User.
  • 2.6. Machinesells.com further uses the abovesaid collected information to better serve your Account with Machinesells.com so as to provide each User/Member with all relevant and appropriate marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • 2.7. Machinesells.com uses its Users Registration Information to provide services that each User may have requested or Machinesells.com determines a User may be interested in.
  • 2.8. Specifically, Machinesells.com uses Users Personal Information (i.e. email address, mailing address, phone number etc) to contact its Users regarding notices, surveys, product alerts, new service or product offerings and communications relevant to your use of our Site, such as newsletters, if you choose to receive these as indicated at the time of registration.
  • 2.9. Any information provided to Machinesells.com by its Users shall only be made available to the public if such Users consents to such disclosure. This information includes the publishing of Users company profile, contact details, banners, sell offers, buy offers, product displays, using Machinesells.com services our amongst other services, which may be published/displayed on Machinesells.com website. This information is only published/uploaded strictly for purposes of each Users promotion.
  • 2.10. All Users hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that by using the Machinesells.com website and its services, they expressly and voluntarily accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and Machinesells.com Terms and Condition.
  • 2.11. All Users / Members hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that this Privacy Policy does not require or direct the supply of any information by a User to any other User/Member of Machinesells.com.It is not the responsibility of Machinesells.com and as such, it is entirely voluntarily on your part.
  • 2.12. All Users / Members hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that they have the right to withdraw their consent from Machinesells.com’s collection and uploading of any of their information. However, by withdrawing such consent, All Users / Members hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that they will have to close their accounts. This withdrawal of consent will only be effective after it has been received by Machinesells.com and not prior to Machinesells.com receiving such a request for withdrawal of consent.
  • 2.13. However, All Users / Members hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that any Information they disclose to Machinesells.com shall become public information and therefore, each user shall surrender any proprietary rights over such information (including but not limited to the rights of confidentiality and copyrights).
  • 2.14. All Users / Members hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that Machinesells.com shall not be liable for any consequences that may arise out of publishing/displaying any information of third-party search engines.

3. Disclosure of Information

  • 3.1. Machinesells.com reserves the right to disclose any Users/Members Collected Information to relevant authorities in the event that Machinesells.com has reason to believe that such disclosure is necessary.
  • 3.2. Disclosure of Information to relevant authorities may be necessary in the following circumstances:
  • i. To bring legal action against the User / Member who has either infringed or attempted to infringe the rights and interests of Machinesells.com;
  • ii. Machinesells.com has reason to believe that a User is in breach of the Terms and Conditions of Machinesells.com’s website
  • 3.2. All Users / Members (Paid or Free) hereby acknowledge and understand that Machinesells.com may also have to disclose information when such disclosure has been required by law (for example: an Order to this effect by a Court of Law of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973; or any other rule, statute, and/or regulation in force at the time; or when required by a Government Authority)

4. Cookies

  • 4.1. Machinesells.com uses "cookies" to store user preferences and to customize our Website to the exact preferences of their Users.
  • 4.2. By accepting this Privacy Policy, all Users / Members (Paid or Free) hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that all websites use “Cookies” to accurately determine how many people actually visit the site and what preferences they may have. As such “Cookies” help websites to store things you have selected from the site, pages you have viewed from the site,information you have given to the site in online forms, etc. All of the information is stored in the site's database, and in most cases, a cookie containing your unique ID is all that is stored on your computer.
  • 4.3. This Privacy Policy only covers the use of cookies by Machinesells.com at http://www.Machinesells.com only and does not cover the use of cookies by any third parties.
  • 4.4. All Users / Members are hereby informed that they may change/alter configurations of their browser to either de-activate and/or erase such cookies. Moreover, Users / Members are hereby informed that they will be notified when a cookie is sent to their browser, which they are at liberty to accept or reject.

5. Minors

  • 5.1. All Users and Members hereby agree, acknowledge and understand that Machinesells.com website and the content uploaded on Machinesells.com is not intended for the use of minors.Furthermore, Machinesells.com does not intend to sell any of the products/contents uploaded on its website to minors.
  • 5.2. Machinesells.com hereby admits that it employs no method to determine the age of its Users. Therefore, all Users / Members (Paid or Free) are recommended to contact Machinesells.com at info@machinesells.com in order to remove any information that may have been provided to Machinesells.com by a minor.

6. Security Measures

  • 6.1. All Users are hereby informed that Machinesells.com incorporates all reasonably available security measures so as to prevent unauthorised access to information collected on behalf of any User and/or Member (Paid or Free).
  • 6.2. All Users are hereby further informed that all Accounts are protected by Passwords. As such, Machinesells.com recommends to all of its Users to not disclose their password to anyone. Machinesells.com further recommends that its Users should not save their Account log-in information on computer that may not belong to them so as to prevent disclosure of personal information to third parties and unknown personnel.
  • 6.3. By accepting this Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions of Machinesells.com, all Users / Members agree, acknowledge and understand that despite incorporating all necessary and adequate security measures, Machinesells.com cannot guarantee security of collected information. It is therefore, stated that Machinesells.com shall not be liable for theft of collected information in the following circumstances:
  • i. Theft of Collected Information as a result of accessing content, products or services offered by third parties through hyperlinks (in the form of word link, banners, channels or otherwise);
  • ii. Theft of Collected Information as a result of accessing third party websites;
  • iii. Theft of Collected Information as a result of using Machinesells.com website in a manner prohibited by the Terms & Conditions of using Machinesells.com and/or this Privacy Policy;
  • iv. Theft of Collected Information by using “Cookies” of third parties.

7. Rights of Users/Customers of Machinesells.com

  • 7.1 As per the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 and other applicable and enabling laws of the Pakistan, all Users of Machinesells.com have the following rights:
  • i. Access to your Information
  • All Users have the right to ask Machinesells.com what information Machinesells.com has collected in their respect and for what purposes is such information being used. Machinesells.com hereby undertakes that such a request will not be denied in any circumstance.
  • ii. Asking us to correct your information
  • All Users have the right to ask Machinesells.com to correct, alter and/or amend any information Machinesells.com has collected in their respect.
  • All Users are hereby informed that Registration Information, Publishing Information and Payment Information (if any) shall be made available for every Users’ access, viewing and editing through their Account with Machinesells.com
  • To update or correct such information, please send an email to info@machinesells.com
  • All Users are further informed that they have the right to ask Machinesells.com to delete any information they may have collected in their respect in the following circumstances:
  • a. when you think that you do not need personal information to be with us anymore;
  • b. when you want to withdraw your consent;
  • c. when you no longer want us to use your data for any marketing purposes;
  • d. when you disagree with the kind of use we have planned to use your data for;
  • e. when you consider the processing of data being not legitimate;
  • f. or if the account or profile was created without your knowledge or authorization.
  • However, in the event a User of Machinesells.com asks for deletion of information they may be asked to provide reasons for such a request.
  • iii. Asking for restricting the use of your personal data
  • All Users may ask Machinesells.com to stop processing their collected information other than for storage purposes.
  • iv. To make an objection regarding use of your information
  • All Users further hold the right to object to any use of their personal information. Such users hereby understand and agree that such an objection/request will only be entertained on the basis of strong and valid reasons. This will help Machinesells.com to evaluate and act in the best interest of each of us; while ensuring that Machinesells.com’s action falls within the boundaries of applicable laws.
  • 7.2. However, all Users/Members/Customers of Machinesells.com hereby agree and understand that Machinesells.com reserves the right to undertake an identification parade to ascertain whether the User has a valid account and if the User is owner of the said account. Further, Machineslls.com also reserves the right to refuse an application for any User/Member/Customer for enforcement of any of the rights stated in Clause 7.1 (i to iv) based upon legal reasons.

8. Changes to Privacy Policy

  • 8.1. All Users, Paid or Free Members, shall be communicated about any changes to this Privacy Policy through sign posting on our website, Machinesells.com.
  • 8.2. In the event that any changes are made to this Privacy Policy, all Users hereby agree and understand that the Amended Privacy Policy will apply with immediate effect. Therefore, by accepting this Privacy Policy, all Users further agree that all Collected Information and Access to the Machinesells.com will be governed by the Amended Privacy Policy with immediate effect.
  • 8.3. If a User(s) does not agree to ANY of the changes made to this Privacy Policy, the same may communicate such disagreement in writing to the following email address info@machinesells.com. In such circumstances, the said User is free to request Machinesells.com to either return and/or destroy all records of any of their Collected Information in Machinesells.com’s possession. Such a request will be automatically accepted and all necessary measures to complete the return and/or destruction of such Collected Information will be completed within 5 working days of Machinesells.com receiving the said request.
  • 8.4 This Privacy Policy was last amended on 19.03.2020.

9. Contacting Us

  • 9.1. In the event, you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Website, you can contact at: info@machinesells.com

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