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Kyocera Photocopier Machine Model Mita KM2560 KM3060 Max. Speed 15 to 25 Ppm

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Product Details:

Manufacturer: Kyocera
Condition: used
Purpose: Sale
Model number: Mita KM2560 KM3060
Location: Rawalpindi


Kyocera Photocopier Machine

It’s easy to get used to not having to wait. With new Kyocera Mita KM2560, KM3060 technology that processes multiple jobs simultaneously, you can safely predict that no one in the office will be on standby. While one person is printing from one corner of the office, another can be scanning. Meanwhile, if someone in another area of the office decides to print, their job is ready to go the moment the first print job is finished.

With Kyocera, reliability is equally important as productivity. Long-life components and exceptionally hard-wearing Kyocera drums make it easy to predict that these multifunctional will work hard to maximize working hours (theirs, not yours). Less downtime is something everyone in the entire workgroup can get used to. At least until it’s time to go home.


KM-2560: Max. 25/12.5 pages per minute A4/A3

KM-3060: Max. 30/15 pages per minute A4/A3

First Copy/print time :KM-2560/KM-3060: 4.7 seconds or less

Copy/print resolution: 600 x 600 dpi (copy), 1,800 dpi level x 600 dpi (copy, photo mode), Fast 1200 dpi quality (print)

Scan-to-SMB/FTP, scan-to-email, scan-to BOX, (BOX TWAIN)

Scan resolution: 600, 400, 300, 200, 200 x 400, 200 x 100 dpi (256 greyscales, 256 color

Copy Memory: Standard 512 MB (max. 1 GB) + 80 GB HDD (system shared)

Printer Memory : Standard 512 MB (max. 1 GB) + 80 GB HDD (system shared)

Interfaces: USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed), USB Host Interface dedicated for USB Flash Memory device, Fast Ethernet 10-Base-T/ 100Base-TX, CF slot

File types: Mono: TIFF, PDF. Color: JPEG, PDF, TIFF (JPEG)

Paper input capacity: Max. input capacity with options: 2,200 sheets

Paper Output Capacity: 250 sheets

Warm up time: 29 seconds or less

Weight: Main unit: Approx. 75 kg

DP-670 Document processor: 75 sheets, 45-160 g/m2 , A3-A5R, Folio (RADF)

PF-670 Paper feeder: 2 x 500 sheets, 60-120 g/m2 , A3, A4, A4R, A5R, B4, B5, B5R, Letter, Letter-R, Legal, Ledger, Folio, STMT

DF-670 Document finisher: Max. 500 sheets A4 or 250 sheets A3, one position stapling max. 30 sheets A4 or 20 sheets A3

DF-730 Document finisher + AK-670: Max. 1,000 sheets A4 or 500 sheets A3/B4, one position stapling max. 30 sheets A4 or 20 sheets A3/B4,

JS-670 Job separator: 100 sheets internal job separator,

and many more useful features..

Multitask and multi-send across the network

Not only do these multifunctional allow multitasking, they also allow multiple people to multitask. As if that weren’t enough work for one day, they also allow multi-sending. Multisending means scans can be sent to different places at the same time. With an integrated address book that holds up to 2,000 addresses, a long list of people can receive the information they require, at precisely the time they need it.

Color touch panel with thumbnail preview

With the potential to do so much at once, you might think it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing. That’s unlikely with a color touch panel this large. To increase usability, the buttons and icons that people use most often are given priority. Related menu options are intuitively shown on the same screen. And it’s easy to retrieve files stored in the 80 GB document box, without opening files, by simply viewing color thumbnails and previews.

Accessible by everyone

A lot of thinking has gone into the inside of a Kyocera multifunctional, but what about the outside? On the Kyocera Mita KM2560, KM3060 there’s been equal attention to the interface between user and machine as there has to the technology inside. These design features give everyone in the workgroup equal access, regardless of their strength or physical ability, and all contribute to better workflow in small but significant ways.

Extra security enhancements

The Kyocera Mita KM2560, KM3060 are security-enabled multifunctional design for network environments or for use in isolation within departments that frequently deal with confidential information. They offer IP filtering and security watermarks as standard, as well as optional features that are easy to add for extra security.

Security watermarks are particularly useful for preventing unauthorized copying of confidential documents. When printing, automatically embed an invisible pattern in documents that becomes visible when copied. This watermark discourages unauthorized copying and makes it easy to identify whether a document is an original.

With the optional Data Security Kit, information store on the hard disk such as previous print jobs or details from the address book can encrypt and then completely overwritten to safeguard data. Individuals can also be given the option to password-protect scan documents by using the PDF expansion kit. If security is a concern, it needn’t be any longer.

Small footprint with room to expand

These compact multifunctional incorporate a large built-in bypass that holds 200 sheets of A4 paper, even when closed. Effectively this means the bypass functions as a standard third cassette, which completely closes to accommodate awkward placement, such as near a shelf, filing cabinet or wall. In addition to smart features like this, the modular design means you can add paper handling and finishing functionality as needed.

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