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Iftikhar Temper Center Laser Marking Machines

Iftikhar Temper Center

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Product Details:

Manufacturer: Iftikhar Temper Center
Made in: Pakistan
Condition: new
Purpose: Sale
Location: Sialkot


Iftikhar Temper Center Laser Marking Machines

Our manufactured lasers and laser marking systems deliver the highest possible laser marking performance on a wide variety of materials.

Our systems mark metals using our High Power Density Focusing Optics. Our HPDFO produces a smaller, more concentrated beam spot that greatly increases the laser’s power density. This makes it possible to directly mark stainless steel, iron, titanium, chromed steel, and some exotic high-carbon metals without the need for metal marking compounds.

Our systems are capable of maintaining extremely tight tolerances and clearly etching fonts, as well as barcodes, UID codes and data matrix codes that conform to ASTM standards. Accurately, quickly and easily laser mark barcodes, serial numbers, text, and logos created in any graphics software or labeling program.
Main Features
  • Small and compact size, use the common air-cooling system.
  • Fiber output can apply flexibly and can mark several levels of curve surface
  • Convenient air cooling system supports long time and stable running of the system
  • High overall photoelectric conversion efficiency, small size power supply system
  • Low electric consumption can even work on a single battery UPS for several hours.


Laser output power: 20W

Beam quality M2: Less than 2

Marking area: 100x100mm

Working distance: 182+-2mm

Min. character size: 0.5mm

Pulse Repetition: 20KHz less than F less than 200KHz

Cooling method: Air cooling

Power consumption: 0.5KW

Power supply: 220V

Dimensions (LxWxH): 920x740x1415

Weight: 55KG


Our laser marker is widely used in Surgical, Dental, Beauty and other instruments, Electronic components, watch and clock, Plastic tool, Medical device, IC card, Kitchen and bathroom industry, etc. The Applicable Scope Four-axis laser welding machine can be used for three-dimensional products suitable for welding, pipe joints, a variable diameter joint, three links, valves, shower head, 3-dimensional space curve, lithium battery, electrode, stainless steel, titanium alloy, glasses frame buckling, location, impeller, kettle, handle, complex stamping parts, casting parts welding. Suitable for stainless steel, gold, silver, alloy, steel.

Technical parameters:

Laser: American xenon lamp

Laser power: 200w,300w,400w

Dual display: CCD HD monitor screen + computer liquid crystal display

Focusing mirror: Import f=75mm. 0.3-0.6mm

Protection: The coaxial and paraxial mode gas protection

The laser wavelength: 1064um

The pulse repetition: 0-150Hz. Continuously adjustable

Pulse width: 1-20ms. Continuously adjustable

Working platform X. Y-axis: High precision motor+ 0.02mm

Trip: 300mm*200mm

Red light positioning + CCD camera positioning

High precision preview positioning + HD positioning camera monitoring

For three-phase power: 380±10 per 50±5 per Hz

Ambient temperature and relative humidity:20-35C less than 80 per

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