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South Star Pizza Oven Single Deck Model NFD-20F Productivity 20 Kg/h

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Product Details:

Manufacturer: South Star
Made in: China
Condition: new
Purpose: Sale
Model number: NFD-20F
Location: Lahore


South Star - Pizza Oven Single Deck


Main Performance

1. The appearance of the deck oven is quite beautiful and impressive. It can be used in the shopping mall, supermarket and the bakery. Product of this series can be powered by electricity or gas. Customers can select the proper product according to the actual situation. 

2. This product is produced for baking all kinds of food, such as cakes, moon cakes, bread, green bean cake, crispy cakes, etc. The food manufactured by this machine has good structure and is not easy to deform. During baking, the water loss of the food is less. With the uniform and bright colour and lustre, you can enjoy a perfect baking effect.

3. The main accessories for the electric appliances of the deck oven are imported from other countries. So the machine we offer is durable. The stainless steel we select is first-class. Even under the high temperature, the stainless steel will not transfer heat or deform.


Technical Parameters:

Model and Specification : NFD-20F Single-deck with two trays
Type : Electrical type
Voltage  : 380 V
Power  : 6 KW
Range of Constant Temperature Centigrades : 20-300
Productivity  : 20 Kg/h
Overall Dimensions  : 1480×1130×830 mm


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