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Fu Chun Shin (FCS) - Servo Power Saving Injection Moulding Machine HT/HN Series

Kunji Industrial Solutions

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Product Details:

Manufacturer: Fu Chun Shin (FCS)
Manufacture Year: 2018
Made in: China
Condition: new
Purpose: Sale
Model number: HT/HN Series
Location: Karachi



Under ideal working conditions, power consumption is reduced by 40%, when compared to that of variable displacement and 70% less than that of fixed displacement pumps in an effort to become more efficient.

FCS machine movement is precisely controlled even at low pressure and flow rates with variations of ±0 .5%. The semi-closed loop hydraulic system can produce part weight error in the range of ,.., 0.4 - 0.7%.

The dynamically controlled servo system is equipped with a pressure feedback monitoring device for high precision and sensitivity. The closed-loop design allows precise control, shorter cycle times, and improved production efficiency.

As opposed to a standard fixed pump hydraulic system, the HT-SV series servo-pump is only "on" when there is fluid demand, which greatly reduces the noise level in the work area to less than 70dB.

Due to the servo-pump efficiency, the hydraulic oil temperature is maintained at a lower temperature, which intensively saves water.

Pressure (P) and flow (Q) can be controlled by a simple voltage signal into the FCS' Computer Control System.

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